Notícias do Clube de Ajuda Mútua Global ELDORADO

A new version of ELDORADO 3.0 is being developed 🔥🔥🔥

Everyone will be refunded. Those who have lost will receive a compensation 😉🙌💸

Dear participants, unfortunately, neither the first nor the second version of mathematics, which the rules of the System were based on, have not given the expected result. The reason is that they have not taken into account the psychological factor. Once the System slows down, people stop making donations. They do it even with guarantees that in the case of a restart they will get into the rounds first and will be the first to make a profit.

In this regard, we started to develop a new System - at a completely new level. It learnt lessons from the experience gained. It will consider all the factors: consistent profit, members’ activity, and human psychology. The new version will operate a lot faster and, most importantly, more efficiently. We have already started and are actively progressing with its development. 👌

We estimate the system development will take approximately 1-2 weeks. The exact dates will be announced later.

Since the system is being developed completely from scratch, the new version won’t be able to take into account all the auto-reinvested donations made in the old System. Therefore, we will return 80% -100% of donation amount to all the members and immersed ourselves in the development of the new System.

ELDORADO was originally conceived as a loss-free System so no one will lose. 👍👍👍

  • All participants whose total profit amount is smaller than the amount donated will receive a compensation. The compensation will be paid for the whole period of participation in the System under both rules.
  • We are launching the ELDORADO (ELD) tokens. 1 token = 1 $. Participants who, after being refunded, lost more than won, will receive these tokens as a compensation and will be able to use them for making donations in the new System.

For example:

  • Vasya donated to the system and his total donation amount is 1 BTC, but he received only 0.8 BTC. He lost 0.2 BTC.
  • These 0.2 BTC will be recalculated according to the current Bitcoin exchange rate. This is about $ 1300. In the end, he will receive 1300 ELD.
  • He will be able to use these tokens for making donations in the new System.

Further details on the tokens will be announced later - after we prepare the launch of the System.

Thank you for being with us. Together we can do a lot! 🏆🏆🏆

We tried really hard for you, but, alas, the current System did not show results because it hasn’t taken into account the psychological factor. We do not give up and do our best to launch the true ELDORADO which will be able to change the world. A real digital treasure. We will never stop. We will always do everything possible and impossible for you because the participants are always the top priority for us! Together we will change the world! 🙌👏

Sincerely yours, ELDORADO team! Welcome to the club. 😍

August 9, 2018


🏆 Round has started and has been successfully filling up!

🏅 Hurry up to be included in round 30!

👏 We’re launching a marketing campaign!

Dear friends, round 30 is now open for filling up!

  • It will first incorporate all donations from the queue and then all new donations. 👍
  • You still have a chance to get into round 30 — so hurry up. The round will be open until it’s completely filled up. 😉
  • After round 30 ends, all participants who donated in round 29 will receive their profit. Leaders will also receive their bonuses. 💵

Please, remember that the new rules have made the System loss-free. By making donations and enabling refund reinvestment, you will always make profit, even in case of a restart. 💰💰💰

Finally, a very nice piece of news — we will soon launch a marketing campaign!🔥🔥🔥

We will promote ELDORADO in the social media, on forums, etc. + we’re preparing an awesome video. Rounds will soon fill up faster and end more often. 💸

So hurry up — the sooner you make a donation, the faster you can make profit. Hurry up to be amongst the first winners! Make donations, bring in new members, improve your financial status and build a new future! 💪

You’re changing the world! Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club! 😍

August 7, 2018


The reward is paid, the work is debugged.

Everything is super!

Dear friends, we have another great news! The system finally passed to the new rules. 👍

1) As promised, all participants of the 28th round (26th before the restart) were successfully paid a 105% reward from the amount of their donation in the 26th round. 💰

2) All bonuses relying on leaders are paid. 💸

3) All donations are currently processed and all the information in the account page (office) is displayed. 👆

4) All donations have been transferred from unique addresses to the System moneybox. From now on, donations will not be "hanging" for days at unique addresses, but will immediately go to the monebox 👌

5) New donations are very active! Do not forget that the earlier you make a donation - the faster you will make a profit. 👏🙌

In general, everything is fine now! The system is completely stable and works as expected. As they say, everyone has been paid for everything! 😉 It's time to join, get a reward and change the world, especially as under the new rules it's impossible to lose! Put automatic reinvestment and always have a profit! 🏆

Hurry to be in time for the 30th round - make new donations right now! 🔥

You change the world! Sincerely, ELDORADO team! Welcome to the club! 😍

August 6, 2018


Successful Launch and Payment of Profits will be tomorrow!

Rounds to be filled once in 3 days

Dear ELDORADO Club participants!

First off, congratulations — the System has been successfully restarted and launched according to the new rules! All payouts will be tomorrow.

Round 29 (the second round after the restart) has completed, and all participants of round 26 who had enabled reinvestment of refund tomorrow will receive 105% of the donation made in round 26, regardless of the restart.

The number of participants who will receive their reward is 223 people. You must admit that it’s a lot better than the 70% refund prescribed by the old rules. Some of members will get their payouts to their wallets, the others reinvested their donations into round 30.

Payments will be made tomorrow, not today, because the system was recalculated from scratch - we need some time for the final transfer.

All participants of round 29 will receive their 105% reward when round 30 ends. Round 29 consists of members who reinvested the refund of round 27 and members who made new donations.

As of this publication, rounds will be filled once in 72 hours rather than in real time.

How does it work?

  • New donations continue to be accepted.
  • Donations make up a queue: whoever is the first to make a donation is the first to be included in the round and make profit.
  • All your donations are displayed in your account as pending.
  • When 72 hours elapse, rounds become available for filling and all donations are included in the rounds as per the queue; as the rounds complete, profits are paid.
  • A few hours later, round filling is again suspended for another 72 hours.
  • The System continues to operate based on the same procedure.

This new procedure will ensure the following:

  • The System will not be overloaded by a bunch of transactions.
  • Lengthy blockchain synchronization will be avoided.
  • All payouts will be made immediately after rounds complete, users won’t have to wait.
  • Statistics will be displayed correctly.

All donations made up to this point in time have been accepted and included in the rounds. All the other donations that will be made after this news is published will be added to the queue.

Make donations right now — the sooner you do, the sooner you’re included in a round and the faster you make profit. Don’t waste your time! New donations will continue to be made, and the queue will grow — be one of the first to join new rounds.

Please remember that new rules have made the System completely loss-free. Anyone who has already joined new rounds will be able to get 80% or 100% refund at any time if they change their mind. However, changing your mind just doesn’t make any sense! Those members who are in the queue won’t be able to withdraw their funds until their deposit is accepted.

The launch of round 30 is August 9, 21:00 Beijing time (16:00 Moscow time | 13:00 GMT).

Be active in making donations and get ready — in 3 days it’s going to be legendary!

Your future will be all about continuous profits and a happy life!

You’re changing the world! Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team. Welcome to the Club!

August 5, 2018


Dear friends, we have been working on the new version of the System for a long time and are happy to announce that the work has finally been successfully completed!

Meet ELDORADO 2.0!

We completely rewrote the whole System, leaving the algorithms of the Mavrodi brothers untouched. Only mathematics has changed.

We have changed the main page, now only the most important information on it.

Changed the FAQ by making it as detailed as possible We were based on all the questions we had collected during this time. It is enough to read the FAQ from beginning to end, in order to fully understand the System - we recommend doing it first.

As a result, we built a win-win System. Of the main innovations:

Now refunds: 80% in the penultimate round, 100% in the last round.

The maximum ratio of the round is now 1.425 instead of 2.00, as it was before. Rounds will be much shorter.

If the round is completely filled up with automatic reinvestment, then the ratio of the round is only 1.28. Previously, this coefficient was 1.38.

And most importantly, now the restarts are not terrible at all with the enabled "automatic reinvestment in case of restart". All those who auto-reinvest the 80% refund - enter the first round, get the reward for the first round + 31.25%. That is, your 80% will almost immediately become 105%. The second round will be filled up by all participants with the 100% refund.

As a result, now it is not necessary to wait for the "right moment" for donations, but you need to do it as quickly as possible, since those who previously donated - that earlier will make a profit even in case of restart. However, do not forget that this works ONLY when reinvestment of refunds in case of restart is enabled.

To make it possible to run a win-win System, to make the rounds shorter and let the participants make a quicker profit, we had to change the percentage of reward, bonuses and payment rules:

The System fee is reduced from 4% to 0.5% - by 8 times.

Leader bonuses are twice reduced and are paid only after the invited newcomer made a profit.

The profit is now 5% per round instead of 10%.

We recommend that everyone must MANDATORILY get a bitcoin wallet, which can "sign message".

For example, you can create a bitcoin wallet on the web platform This is a handy web-based platform that works well both on the computer and on mobile devices. Plus, you do not need to download anything, remember a seed-phrase or private key. You have a login and password, two-factor authentication and support. The platform is available in 11 languages. Commission for deposit and withdrawal is not charged. Also, you can download the Electrum wallet to your computer and participate with it. Complete text and video instructions for both wallets are in the FAQ

After you create such a bitcoin wallet, ask all your referrals to change their wallets too, and register with your new referral link. Anyone who does not move to new wallets will remain in your structure in the old account. There you can also continue to receive all the bonuses from them.

And finally a gift from the ELDORADO System!

To start a new system we need to restart it. However, all participants in the 26th and 27th rounds, which enabled automatic reinvestment of refunds, will be the first to enter new rounds of the System under the new rules and will be the first to receive 105% of the original donation WITHOUT ANY LOSS.

The start of the new system will be held on August 6 at 13:00 Beijing time (08:00 Moscow time | 05:00 GMT).

P.S. You can start donating right now. Remember that the sooner you will donate - the sooner you will get profit.

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